Free Airtel 3G Interner Unlimited Droid VPN Proxy Trick by znkhan

We have tested this trick in most of the states and got satisfying results that's why sharing it here. Do try and tell us that it's working in your area or not. Your feedback will be helpful for our readers. First let's learn what actually droidvpn is.

Droidvpn is basically a popular private network app which helps us to change the price or ip address of any network.

We can easily change our native ip to different address like Canada, usa, uk, Australia etc. If anyone wants to make him safe in this online world than i must recommend you to use this awesome app.

No one is safe in this digital world. Everyone is tracing you in different forms but there motive is only one that to know what you are doing on Internet. Be smart and safe and use this app.

*Features of This Airtel proxy Trick

- We have tried it at 0 Rs Balance and woah got quiet good results. So if your balance is Rs 0 in your Airtel Sim then go ahead or you can buy new sim card to enjoy free internet.
- We are using this trick for so long and experienced no disconnection issue unlike other tricks. No outages too. Just use and use without any worries.
- This Airtel proxy VPN Trick working like charm in all India where TCP 443 is open.
- Your sim won't get blocked in any of the cases. We used multiple sim cards and not a single sim card is blocked yet. So give a try and enjoy.

Requirements for This UDP Proxy Trick

- You Must have Airtel 2G or 3G activated sim card. If you haven't yet than purchase one and go ahead and get ready to fly.
- Free download Droidvpn Apk in your Android device and use this amazing app and apply our below Proxy Settings in it.
- You must have Android Mobile because droidvpn is a Android app and this trick depends upon droidvpn app. If you have Computer or Laptop than download PD Proxy in it and do follow exact same steps. I would like to clear that for this trick no data back is must. You can try and enjoy without activating any special data pack for it. Now let's go ahead and see the whole step by step tutorial.

*Steps of Airtel GPRS Droidvpn Trick

- Go to Google and download droidvpn apk from there. Open Apk file and do Install app like you do with other apps.
- After successful installation do open Droidvpn App and do login if you already have account there or create new account if you don't have by entering basic details like name, email, password etc.
- After login you will see a dialog box in app just do tick on I Trust This Application and select OK button below.
- Do click on settings to open up the settings and select connection protocol from the list. After doing all this do click on TCP. Open up droidvpn settings and click on http headers. Now there do enter below settings and on ok unblocked users.



Blocked user



Uhhhhhh finally now click Connect button on app and it will get connected soon. Congrats now you are free to use Airtel Internet without paying a single penny extra for it. I hope you liked out Airtel host droidvpn 3G proxy udp trick. We are happy to see accessing Free Internet. User satisfaction that's all we wants. Do SHARE this article with your friends and help them because sharing is caring. Keep visiting for more working tutorials. 
Wednesday, February 18, 2015
Posted by Mohd Zeeshan znkhan

Tata Doccomo Download and Use Unlimited Free Internet in Opera Mini by znkhan

Many times we have posted - or droidvpn , Proxy, UDP working Tricks of airtel, Aircel, Tata Docomo, Vodafone and best part is that we got very good visitor feedback and i want to thank you all for your best wishes but here its a official offer or trick by Tata Docomo. What you have to do is just follow our step wise step guide to get success.

We have used very simple and easy English to make you all understand what i am trying to say. First of all start with Tata Docomo webpass for Opera Mini users.

How to Activate Tata Docomo Free Webpass 

- First of all go to this Web address but only from from opera mini browser and your very own Tata docomo sim card.

- After accessing the above link you will get window like this (See Attached Image Below).

- There it is clearly mentioned that as a promotional offer by Tata Docomo and Opera Mini they are providing 60 minutes of complete Free internet browsing that's all just for Rs 5 in place of Rs 30.

- So if you wanna activate it then do activate your pass by clicking on but and then proceed. Now let's move forward and learn how to enable Free Zone in Docomo.

Free Zone 

- Now in Free zone download anything like high definition movies, video songs, images etc that's for Free.

- It's powered by Hungama team. So if you want to dive in this free world then just call *141# unique USSD code from your Tata Docomo number and you will get a list after dialing then from the list do select Free zone to receive a link.

- Now you will get a link, just access that link from your default browser only. Now select the type of content you wants to Download.

- Don't forget that you can easily download any 5 content from any of the five category which includes images,games,music,videos,and lot more.

- If you want to download any one of them then just click on any one and select to start your free download right now.

Last Words 

Here we tried to tell you that go into you can activate Free Docomo webpass and get entered into Free zone by following all the above trick steps you can easily enjoy with free Tata Docomo unlimited internet whether it will be downloading or web browsing. I hope our article helped you in some way. Do SHARE it with your friends and help them in using free Docomo Internet or GPRS by our official trick. 
Tuesday, February 17, 2015
Posted by Mohd Zeeshan znkhan

Reliance Giving Free Extra Data Balance by znkhan

Hi Friends World Special Cup Offer. Reliance Giving Free Extra 2 MB For Each Run Scored by India in World Cup + 4 MB if India win the Match.(For All Reliance GSM & CDMA Users)

*Offer Details 

- This Offer is Available Only on Selected Data Packs & Also for Selected State. (See Following Screenshot)

- Extra 2mb For Each Run Scored by India. For Example :- If India will Score 340 you will Get 680mb Extra Internet Data Free.

- If India will Win the Match, You will Get Extra 4mb. (680mb + 4mb = 684mb)

- Offer is Valid from Every India World Cup Match.

Note :- Extra Internet Data Added, After Match Finish »» Within 2 Days.
Posted by Mohd Zeeshan znkhan

Airtel Free Use Whatsapp,Twitter,Youtube By znkhan

Airtel Introduced One Touch Internet Some days ago.With one touch internet airtel is offering free access to Facebook,twitter,YouTube and whatsapp for airtel prepaid subscribers.In this post i will show you how to use Facebook,Twitter,Youtube Whatsapp everyday for free without data charges.
How to Activate Free Trial 

Turn On Data Connection in your Airtel Sim(Don't worry you won't be charged) Go to this Link From your Airtel Prepaid Sim. 
For Facebook Trial- 
For Twitter Trial- 
For Youtube Trial- 

As soon as you visit this link Offer will be activated and you can use Facebook,Twitter,Youtube Whatsapp for the whole day(12am).

Activate this offer everyday and use Facebook,Twitter,Youtube Whatsapp without data charges everyday. 
You can do this till 10 days. 
Facebook Trial is till Midnight and You Can use Upto 5 mb.

Twitter Trial is till Midnight and You Can use upto 3Mb.

Youtube Trial is till 20 Minutes and you can watch videos upto 100mb. 

All trials except YouTube(20 min) will expire by midnight.
Only prepaid users can avail this offer.
A prepaid user can take upto a max of 5 trials in a day,you can check my account page for the number of free trials left.
Thursday, January 22, 2015
Posted by Mohd Zeeshan znkhan

Airtel Free 3G VPN Tricks by znkhan


Hello Friends, 
Hope you enjoying well, Today we going to give you a new trick of AirTel 3G TCP vpn configs for free net/Gprs in your mobile and computer. Recently we posted idea which are perfectly working fine in many states and we have receive positive feed back also.

There is so many days left we does not post any airtel trick so we decided to post new again.Because you know airtel is our favorite network for free net.

So let's start...

Requirement For this AirTel 3G Tcp Vpn Trick 
  1. AirTel 3G/2G Enabled Sim card.
  2. Nmdvpn Client (download from here).
  3. PC or MOBILE.
If you have all basic requirements which above listed,then you are ready to go for next steps.And i hope you have every thing.
Now most important thing ,Now download config file from below link First.

** Download AirTel Tcp Config File 4m Here*** 

Now i Hope you downloaded above file form datafile host link.Now  you are ready to move next step.Now choose you pc user or mobile user ,means on which medium you are going to use it and choose those medium and follow the steps.

For PC Users:

1.Connect your system with modem/Mobile with APN
2.Download The Attachment of Airtel Tcp 3G Vpn Trick (if downloaded all ready then go to next step).
2.Install Nmdvpn and Put configs(or exact) Here (C:\Program Files\NMDVPN\config) in your system location
3.Windows 7 and Windows 8 Users RUN NMD VPN as the Administrator.
4.Just Connect given server and Enjoy.

And if you have not a PC/Computer  Then you can also enjoy free net in your android mobiles.

For Mobile users:  

Android mobile use can also use these airtel tcp 3G Trick configs  with their android devices just you need to follow these simple steps :
  1. Download and extract config in SD card.
  2. Go to Google Play Store Search for open vpn for android. Or Click Here
  3. Install Open Vpn in you android device.
  4. Add airtel tcp 3G Vpn Config to open Vpn folder.
  5. when it ask user name password (see earticleblog txt file in attachment) enter it.
  6. Run and Enjoy  :) 
Hope you follow all process and enjoyed this trick.
Note- Do't try at higher balnce your balnce got deducted.Use it at 0 rs balnce.
And for avoiding sim blockege we recommend you use any small data pack (not necessary )
Wednesday, December 17, 2014
Posted by Mohd Zeeshan znkhan

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